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ODORES acts globally and thinks locally to offer comprehensive and flexible procurement and logistics solutions.

ODORES Metal LLC was established in 2008 mainly to trade various types of metal products globally. Nowadays, we are a Professional Procurement Company dealing with all kinds of goods and materials. We have our own offices in New Jersey, USA and Ankara, Turkey and broad network to procure various types of products in all around the world where international trade activities is possible.
Our Mission
Our mission is to procure each requirement meticulously and precisely with the services of generating value, driving high performance and reducing costs through procurement outsourcing.
Our Process


Our Policy

As known and preferred for high quality business in our sector, we oblige to:

Realize all of our works in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations,

Offer products and services in accordance with international standards, handle with customers’ requests effectively,

Develop sustainable goals and objectives for our process to improve performance of International Rules and Regulations, Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and review these goals and objectives systematically,

Think of International Rules and Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety first,

Increase situational awareness on protecting the environment, reducing wastes and use of natural resources and increasing recycling rate,

Provide prioritized and induction trainings on International Rules and Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety to have professional and conscious employees,

Sustain improvements for the adaptation of new technologies,


Transactions relating to the expenditure of our Company’s budget require the highest degree of trust and perfect standard of conduct, integrity and impartiality. Therefore,

All Code of Conduct will be strictly followed,

It is clearly understood that companies and individuals we do business with shall know the fact that it is strictly forbidden to offer gifts or other advantages to any of our staff and employees.


Construction Materials

We are proud to be part of many large construction projects. Such as US Embassy Compounds and US and NATO Military Construction Projects in various countries all around the World.


No matter if you work on Architectural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering or Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, our dedicated staff professionally manage turnkey procurement process of your projects from start to end or at any time for any item in your construction business.

Defense and Aviation Parts

We use robust technology and we have large network connections to get cost effectiveness with precise timing.


We want to share our experience and to help you stay competitive in defense and aviation parts.

Metal and Aluminum Profiles and Parts

We have been serving in metal industry for more than a decade. We are specialized on aluminum and brass extrusion profiles.

Bullet Proof Glass

We bring you certificated bullet proof glass. We are proud of working for our heroes in the field: The heroes of large companies who ease our lives and the heroes of the military who saves our lives.

Integrated Field Accommodation Units

Our robust network brings you modern, trusted, easily deployable and modular units to provide solutions for your various needs - food, oil, ammunition storage, bath, laundry, and all the others. HVAC, fire resistance, sanitary equipment, skids, freezer room equipment, lifting apparatus, height adjustable footings, blast resistance, bullet proof, and various other accessories can be installed based on your requirements.

Reference Projects

Finished & Ongoing Projects

US Army Corps of Engineers Bagram Airfield Coalition Operations Center (COC) and Theater Support Facility (TSF) Project in Afghanistan

US Embassy Compound Project in Kabil Afghanistan

US Army Airfield Project in Djibuti

US Embassy Compund Project in Baghdad, Iraq

US Air Force F-35 Fleet Modernization Project in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

US Navy Water System Repariement Phase 2 in Djibuti

US Embassy in Jerusalem

US Army Corps of Engineers Power Plant Projects in Baghdad

US Embassy Project in Suva, Fiji Islands

F-15 Fleet Modernization Project in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

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